Putting Mental Health & Wellness at the heart of your business

We believe the workplace should be an environment that is good for our health.

A place where we can thrive and feel part of a community, a place where we can achieve our potential and feel supported and valued.

Our primary goal is to make the workplace a kinder and healthier environment, which positively influences our long-term health.

Our team of industry-specific healthcare professionals are committed to raising awareness of mental health and promoting a culture where wellness in the workplace is part of the job.

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Making Mental Health and Wellness a priority

Providing training and consultancy for Mental Health and Wellness,

in the workplace and for schools and colleges.

  • Online training
  • Onsite training
  • Offsite training
  • Workshops
  • Webinars

First Aid for Mental Health

Mental health problems can affect us all and can range from mild symptoms to more severe feelings of anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

Poor mental health in the workplace has the potential for huge financial losses to UK businesses, which is estimated to cost UK employers £56 billion each year.

Recognising and implementing mental health strategies fosters a supportive and open culture that can prevent many mental health problems.

 This can result in preventing mental health problems 

Our First Aid for Mental Health accredited courses

  • Remove the stigma of mental health 
  • Encourage a positive culture toward mental health
  • Ensure mental health is acknowledged and supported in the workplace
  • Create kinder, happier working environments

Wellness in the Workplace

Our approach to healthcare is changing, with a shift towards proactive care. There is now an overwhelming body of scientific and medical literature that evidence how our daily habits affect our short-term and long-term health.

The working environment is where we spend a large proportion of our time and can adversely affect our health.

Implementing wellness strategies in the workplace is the foundation of a successful, sustainable and productive business, as well as improving the health of the nation.    

Our Wellness in the Workplace training and consultancy

  • Create a culture of kinder, happier working environments
  • Attract new talent and retain staff
  • Increase productivity and sustainability
  • Improve the health of employees

By understanding, recognising, and improving the health and wellness of employees, the positive outcomes on their resilience, engagement, performance, and quality of workplace relationships benefit the organisation as a whole.

It’s time to stop thinking mental health and wellness is somebody else’s problem and responsibility. If you run a business or organisation, it’s everyone’s problem and part of your responsibility.

Through our training and consultancy services, we can develop and implement prescriptive solutions for your staff’s mental health and wellness, which result in measurable outcomes for your business.

  • Increase in engagement.
  • Increase in productivity.
  • Attract and retain talented, motivated staff.
  • Establish healthier lifestyle and workplace habits.
  • Create a community for employees to thrive.