About Us

Who is Charlie Oscar

The Charlie Oscar team is a community, selected from different industries and backgrounds. Each of us has a different lens on life which has been focused on as a result of our personal experiences, giving us individual perspectives, ways of thinking, and opinions.

Our shared belief is that we can make a meaningful difference in other people’s lives by improving and supporting their mental health and wellbeing. We do this because we care about each other, our environment, our health, and the wellness of others, and it’s good for us too.

“It’s our differences that make us work.”

We consider our team goes beyond our trainers and medical practitioners. Everyone who we choose to partner with is based on our shared values.

It’s really simple, working with nice people makes you happy, being happy makes you healthy and being healthy makes you live a better life.

In our ‘selfie society’ where it’s all about me, me, me, Charlie Oscar cares about others which benefits our health.

Working with Charlie Oscar is good for your health!

We are what we do

Our mission is simple, to create workplace environments that encourage growth, good health, and happiness. To foster a greater sense of community in the workplace, where people feel valued.

By improving mental health and wellness in the workplace, we can be better, do better and live healthier, happier lives.

“I feel extremely privileged to work with an inspiring team of people. What we do and how we do it comes from what we believe and how we choose to live our life. The Charlie Oscar team are all highly professional and experienced individuals, and as importantly, they are good, kind human beings who make my world a happier place.” Karen Sargeant

Our training providers

Trust our training

All our First Aid for Mental Health courses are developed by First Aid Awards (FAA) and accredited by Nuco Training.

Our First Aid for Mental Health courses are recognised national qualifications, regulated and accredited by Ofqual, within the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SCQF).

Inaugurated in 1998, Nuco Training Ltd specialises primarily First Aid, Defibrillation, Health & Safety, Food Safety and First Aid for Mental Health.

Nuco prides itself on quality of service and support and was a natural choice for Charlie Oscar’s accredited courses.  

Our Trainers

Karen Sargeant

Karen Sargeant

Karen has worked in the beauty and medical aesthetics industry for over 30 years. Over this time, her work as a practitioner, trainer and manager has allowed her to meet a wide range of people, build relationships and help her clients feel better and more confident about themselves. Hearing her clients’ and colleagues’ experiences and her experience with mental health, Karen felt that First Aid for Mental Health should be at the core of aesthetic practice. The more she became involved with the training she realised it should be at the heart of all businesses.
“Working in a team that is supportive and respectful of each other’s wellbeing has become central to how I want to spend my time at work”, Karen explains. “I want to promote change that supports growth, health and development of people and businesses. We spend so much of our time at work, and so where better to instil a culture of community that improves our health and longevity”.

Ben Chenery

Ben Chenery

Ben came from a sporting background and spent his former years as a professional footballer. Since retiring as a player, he qualified as a sport scientist and went into full-time teaching within higher education. He also manages and coaches elite footballers and works with young people, delivering academic qualifications within sports programmes.
He knows only too well the pressures on young people involved in sports at a high level. The highs and lows and how this can lead to spiralling mental health problems, he has seen many of his fellow players suffer in silence with devastating consequences.
“Football, along with all elite sports, is tough and young people need to be equally equipped for the physical demands as well as the mental challenges”, Ben suggests. “We are beginning to understand a lot more about how to support our young people, and it is vital we do so to create a culture of change”.

Our Medical Practitioners

Dr Shyamala Moganasundram

Dr Shyamala Moganasundram

Consultant paediatric anaesthetist and Doctor for intensive care at Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital, London, Dr Moganasundram is a qualified physician in Lifestyle Medicine.

Since being one of the first to qualify in this new area of medicine, Dr Moganasundram now works part-time in the NHS and runs her lifestyle medicine practice, offering health programmes for healthy longevity.

“Having consulted there for over twenty years, I’ve seen first-hand the devastating effects of chronic illness on patients and their friends, families, and loved ones”, explains Dr Moganasundram. “Lifestyle medicine is becoming recognised as a crucial component of our health care system. It promotes healthy longevity as opposed to unhealthy longevity along with the health and longevity of our NHS and care system”.

This new development in medicine has become hugely popular and can support employees with their lifestyle habits and practices, enabling them to be healthier and stave off age-related diseases.

Shyamala’s caring and empathetic nature is contagious. Her pioneering work in this exciting area of medicine and ongoing commitment and desire to promote the best long-term health makes her an integral member of the Charlie Oscar team.