Charlie Oscar Community & Support

Our tribe

A sense of purpose and belonging is vital for our wellbeing. We don’t just offer training, we offer ongoing support and a network that provides connection and community.

One of our key aims with all our training and consultancy is to encourage a community environment within the workplace. where individuals can actively thrive and achieve their full potential. The knock-on health and wellbeing benefits to those individuals reflect in the profitability and efficiency of the business and are all inextricably linked.

Community and friendships are really important for our health, however, our modern lives and working practices are forcing these connections apart. This has never been more prevalent than in our ‘post covid world’ with more people working from home. Isolation and loneliness are becoming new illnesses, manifesting in a range of symptoms. Businesses have to actively work to develop their work communities if they are to successfully compete in our changing world.

Through our Charlie Oscar Community and our First Aid for Mental Health group, we continue to support you to achieve happier healthier lives.

“If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together”.

African proverb