Training that doesn’t just tick a box

Accredited training programmes

Certificated Ofqual regulated qualifications, assessed and approved by government regulatory bodies, to ensure consistent course quality.

Accreditation gives value to learning. It provides recognition for the quality and robustness of the training programmes, with a recognised qualification as the reward.

Providing a recognised qualification that credits learning, is an investment for the organisation, its employees, and the qualified employee.  

Training you can trust, which has value and sets your business apart from the rest, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

CPD accredited courses

Continuing Professional Development  (CPD), is the term used for learning activities that professionals engage in, to develop and enhance their abilities.

CPD learning can be completed in many ways and demonstrates the commitment of employees, to develop and enhance the skills and proficiency of their workforce.

CPD ensures up-to-date structured learning, which can be tailored to the individual needs of the business. It enables professional bodies, institutes, and appraisal processes to set targets. This process ensures staff are fully engaged with ongoing learning so that they and their organisations can maintain a sustainable and competitive advantage.

Wellness in the Workplace bespoke training

In all businesses there are generic training needs, however, you may consider including additional programmes that specifically target the needs of your organisation and employees. This may be to support your employee’s personal development and wellbeing, or to directly focus on your productivity and efficiency, we can help design programmes that serve you best.

Working with our team of industry professionals, we can tailor make a training programme that reflects your business requirements. Every business is unique and develops systems and models that serve them best.  We help analyse your established systems and identify where there may be potential ‘gaps’ that can be targeted with bespoke training, to support the health of your business and employees.