Workshops & Webinars

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Bespoke workshops, tailored for your businesses individual needs, can be developed, which can then help support your Health & Safety, Wellness in the Workplace, and Mental Health policies along with Continual Professional Development programmes. 

Designed to consider your specific workplace, we complete an audit on your employee’s wellbeing and mental health. This provides you with valuable insight into the ‘health’ of your business, along with giving data to provide targeted and focused programmes to improve productivity and morale.

Workshops are a great way to bring employees together and engage in activities, that do not have the pressure of structured learning. With less structured formats, these activities can provide powerful learning and encourage team building.

The Charlie Oscar community, has access to webinars that cover a variety of topics that range from mental health, strategies for improved wellbeing, and how to improve confidence and resilience.

Featuring special guests and Charlie Oscar trainers, our webinars are as supportive as they are informative.

You can plug into our webinars at a time that suits you and the information can be disseminated amongst your teams. This can provide additional support to First Aiders for Mental Health and generate ideas and activities to implement within your Wellness in the Workplace strategy.